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Arch of Hadrian

In ancient times it was one of the main attractions of Athens, along with the sponsorship monument of Lysicrates and the Bath House of the Winds. Today, it is one of the most photographed and recognizable ancient buildings of the capital, at the intersection of Avenue Vasilissis Amalias and Olgas, at the entrance of the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The impressive triumphal arch built by the Athenians in 131m.Ch., in gratitude for the great infrastructure of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the city. It is said that the emperor who renewed the Athenian residential tissue and gave new impetus to Greek letters, over this arched gate went to attend the opening of the adjacent temple of Olympian Zeus. Built of Pentelic marble in Corinthian style, Hadrian's Gate, height 18m. and 13,5m wide. characterized by an innovative architectural specificity • succeeds in combining the famous ancient pediment with the Roman honorary arch shape. Besides bright honorary monument, it was also the boundary of the old city of the first founder of Athens Theseus in the new district for establishing Hadrian. In the 18th century, it incorporated as a gateway to the Turkish fortress of Athens precinct "wall of Haseki" and called "door of the princess" or "arched door."


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