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The all day café-bar restaurant Cartone at Persefonis Str., with the one of a kind style and the mainstream music background is a great suggestion for coffee, food and drink in Gazi. Outside, tables with background the youthful crowd and inside, an amazing “world” made of paper, created by the famous architects Gavalas-Mourikis. Suspended scooters, cars, a jeep in real size and cooking vessels made from cardboard - hence Cartone- compose an advanced decorative concept, which adds to the already cozy atmosphere. In the same course of sensationalism moves also the Mediterranean menu, which includes pasta, risotto, salads, snacks, burgers, steaks and pizza for all tastes, perfectly accompanied by fine wines. Ideal closing for a night out at Cartone, a refreshing cocktail from the inspired cocktail list! Open daily 09: 00-03:00.

41, Persefonis Str. and Triptolemou Str., Gazi