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Electrical Railway Museum

It is located on the subway terminal station in Piraeus and brings us in touch with the evolution and the history of the electric train through the years. The museum was inaugurated in November 2005, having a collection of 2000 items (exhibition and storage) and more than 3000 books, documents and photographs, which will form the basis for the expansion of the Museum and the opening of a library. The Museum was the vision of Manolis Fotopoulos, employee of the Greek Electrical Railway since 1990. He started the implementation later in 1995 as a pensioner, at the offices of the Society of that time in Menandrou Street, in order to highlight the history of the progress of the electric railway and the participation therein of all employees in the company. Starts "... with a lantern and a hat ...". Searches in all areas, warehouses, yards, even the barrels with the debris from Piraeus to Kifissia and in terms of experience and his passion, he collects anything considered useful for the opening of the Museum. After many great efforts this hall where the museum is nowadays allocated, was found. Opening hours: Daily 09: 00-14: 00. Free admission.

Terminal subway station "Piraeus", 1, Loudovikou Square, Piraeus