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The Erechtheion, an extraordinary ancient Greek temple from the Classical period (425-406 BC), stands out with its unique south side featuring Caryatids—statues of daughters serving as columns. Beneath these figures rested the tomb of the mythical Cekrops, founder of Athens and initiator of the cult of Athena Polias. The temple was dedicated to Athena and Poseidon, commemorating their dispute where Athena's spear made an olive tree sprout against Poseidon's trident striking the rock. The Erechtheion housed the famed xoanon (wooden statue) of Athena, and every four years, the Panathinaia festivals celebrated the goddess with new offerings and garments. The main structure, adorned with Ionic columns and surrounded by a zoophoro, pays homage to the ancient cult of Erechtheus. Notably, altars dedicated to heroes like Erichthonius and gods like Hephaistos are found on-site, with the sacred location accessible during the Acropolis monument's opening hours.

Acropolis Area

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