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Athens University History Museum

One of the most important museums of Modern Greek History, with great contribution to culture and science, invites us on a journey to the beginnings of higher education in Greece for the period 1837-1841. Housed in one of the few surviving buildings of proothonikis period under the Acropolis, "gazing" panoramic Ancient Agora and Plaka. The "Cleanthis Residence" -here lived Stamatios eminent architects Kleanthis and Edward Schaubert selected for the first urban and architectural drawings of the Athens-called "Palio University", and hosted the first University of the independent Greek state the period 1837-1841. On the occasion of 150 years of the Athens University operation in the spring of 1987 opened at the historic building of Athens University History Museum, which was established to collect, preserve, preservation and enhancement of the academic heritage of the first academic institution in the country. The wide collection constantly enriched by donations or purchases includes portraits of professors from the era painters, textbooks, photographs of life at the University, rare scientific instruments (medicine, physics, chemistry, pharmacology), manuscripts, diplomas, Rector reasons, PhD theses, yearbooks, medals, stamps, etc. Part of the permanent exhibition is also the interesting new section: "A house for a museum: The history of the building", dedicated to the long history of the building, in particular architecture and the stories of ordinary people who hosted during the 19th and 20th century . The exhibits include three-dimensional representation of the building construction phase, excerpts from interviews of past occupants, photographs and personal objects of everyday use. Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 -16: 00 Every first Sunday of the month the museum is open 11: 00-16: 00 and is carried free tour at 13:00. Entrance: € 2 for adults, 1 € for children from 12-18 years, cost of participation in educational programs and tours. More information at tel .: 210 3689502-6.

5, Tholou Str., Plaka, Athens