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A Lively Oasis in the Heart of Athens Nestled in the heart of Athens, within a vibrant and modern space, you'll find HOPPER'S. Here, flavors from Latin America mingle with iconic Greek dishes, creating a culinary fusion. Starting at 8:00 in the morning, the day begins with freshly brewed coffee, Pastel de nata, and delightful breakfast dishes and brunch. At lunchtime, you can enjoy homemade meals that have nourished generations. From the best Mexican tacos, authentic Brazilian feijoada, and arepa from Colombia, to traditional Greek dishes, each flavor tells a story. Throughout the day, delight in refreshing juices, chilled beers, and unique cocktails. As evening approaches, embark on a flavourful journey that transports you from Brazil to Greece, all accompanied by soulful world music. Welcome to HOPPER'S, where every flavor is an adventure!

Athinas 18,Athens

+30 693 719 3332