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Butcher's Burger

Starting from the family farm and continuing, for the last 40 years, in our butcher shop in Agia Paraskevi, for 4 generations our family has been dealing with good, quality meat. We choose the best meat, always of our own production, directly from our farm to the family butcher, to cut 100% ground beef every day! We serve the handmade beef of your burger, which is prepared daily in the workshop of our butcher shop, in the baking that you prefer! Every day, we prepare 17 handcrafted delectable sauces with rich tastes (Jack Daniels, cheddar, roquefort, bbq, mushroom, and many more) that elevate the enjoyment to the next level! We serve the burgers with delicious homemade bread! There are three options: rustic, classic, and brioche. If you like steak, 30-45 days of maturing in an appropriate environment enhances its quality and taste, for a delight that will satisfy even the most discriminating palette! If you like challenges, come to one of the 5 Butcher's Burger & Steak House locations and try the biggest burgers you'll find in Greece, such as the "La Butcher Familia" burger, which has 2 kg of 100 percent ground beef, 4 double fried eggs, 10 double cheddar, 10 double bacon, Cheddar sauce and Homemade Butcher's sauce, pickles, tomato, and onion.

7, Voulis Str., Syntagma