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Kalamaki bar

At Drakou pedestrian area, in Koukaki, near ‘’Syngrou-Fix’’ Metro station and the Acropolis, the casual hangout gives the feeling that you enjoy your meal in a modern restaurant with souvlaki prices. Locals and visitors combine their strolls in Athens with a delicious break at Kalamaki Bar, getting back again and again for the nice atmosphere of the peaceful walkway, the affordable prices and the great variety in juicy, fresh top quality meat. Here we choose unbeatable skewers with beef, pork, chicken, lamb, kebabs, but also with halloumi cheese or mushrooms. Quite temptations are also the pork chops, flossy ground beef, generous salads and the fresh cut French fries! Delivery: Daily 12:00-01:00

15, Drakou Str. and Dimitrakopoulou Str., Koukaki