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Welcome to PistachioLand - where quality meets pleasure! Just a few meters from the Acropolis metro station, PistachioLand highlights the Aegina pistachio as the ultimate protagonist. Try our pistachio butter and indulge in the authenticity of its taste made from 100% Aegina pistachio without any admixtures. The pistachio pesto sauce will be the ultimate accompaniment to your culinary choices. For lovers of sweet flavors, the pistachio powdered pine nuts will more than makeup for it, while you should not miss the opportunity to try the Proffiterole with pistachio cream because you simply won't find it anywhere else in the world! At PistachioLand, every bite is proof of our passion for creating unique, delectable, and nutritious treats based on the famous Aegina pistachio that you already love, or that you will love at first taste!

11, Lempesi Str., Athens