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Koukouvaya Desserts

Koukouvaya Desserts Athens has found its nest in the heart of Athens, where you will find a store that will live up to your expectations. Its story begins in 1997, in Crete and specifically in Chania, where the dessert "Zoumero" gave its character to the afternoon strolls of the locals, as instead of the classic phrase "Let's go for coffee?" they now said "Let's go for Zoumero?". Don't miss the opportunity to taste the juiciest dessert, which is none other than "Zoumero" which truly melts in your mouth, a fluffy chocolate cake with rich syrup that will tantalize your senses. In a warm and modern environment, you will enjoy a variety of delicious desserts, always made with passion. The menu of Koukouvaya Desserts Athens, with the element of tradition in its sweets and an emphasis on pure ingredients and generous portions, will impress you.

1, Skouze Str., Athens

+30 210331 8700