location title athens
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Ivis 4 Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

The restaurant Ivis4 is here to offer a new unique gastronomic experience to anyone who visits. Inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, we have created an imaginative menu with "teasing" in classic recipes but also with the addition of innovative ideas that will make your palate forget what it knew about the food in Psyrri. ​ The menu is full of dishes for every hour of the day and the bar of Ivis4 comes to offer unique signature cocktails that will be combined with your meal and will launch the culinary experience. ​ The Breakfast & Brunch menu offers a variety of healthy and tasty options that will give your day the start it deserves. ​ Our All Day menu offers great options for someone who is in the middle of a busy day and wants a quick pick me up before continuing or a fancy dinner out in the city combined with unique Signature Cocktails that will have you wanting to get out of work early every day to start your evening at Ivis4.​ ​ The interior is decorated with elements from the neighborhood. A large mural by SimpleG inspired by nature continues the beautiful garden and carries it inside as well as the selected one by one antiques from the antique shops of the area that adorn the library create an atmosphere familiar and at the same time unprecedented. Whoever comes does not want to leave!

4, Ivis Str., Athens