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The common secret of those who love the genuine Cretan flavors and are demanding in terms of the quality of the restaurant where they choose to enjoy them, is now called "Koukatsi". Not coincidence, as it now serves as a meeting point for those who know how to appreciate the authentic delicacies of the Cretan land, but also for those who yearn to taste them and upgrade their gastronomic experiences. The menu includes a variety of traditional Cretan dishes, which a few years ago would have seemed utopian to be enjoyed where the "heart" of Athens beats, in Koukaki. The unique handmade pies, such as Sfakiani with galomizithra (soft goats cheese) and the appetizers such as zucchini blossoms stuffed with rice and herbs, cheese croquettes with apaki and hochlioi bourbouristoi with aged vinegar and rosemary, are just some of the reasons why Koukatsi is associated in everyone's mind with the authentic cuisine of the biggest Greek island. The "journey" ends with the main dishes that a grandmother could have prepared in a mountainous village of Crete, such as gamopilafo, sautéed lamb stewed with Marouvas, kapriko (slowly cooked pork with vine leaves and lemon leaves) and shank. All of these are waiting for you to try them in a place with unique warmth and people ready to offer to you whatever you crave: Because a restaurant that honors Cretan cuisine could not fail to honor Cretan hospitality.

10, Drakou Str., Koukaki, Athens