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Ι Fabrica tou Efrosinou

Fabrica Efrosinou is named by Aghios Efrosinos, the guardian of cooks, a humble monastery cook, guardian of all goods that are destined to be used by human – whom he asks his participation in the meal ritual from. Giorgos Gatsos was born in 1966 in Chalkida. His father was a fisherman and he studied Theology in Belgrade. From his studying years, he began occupying himself with cooking, using the simplicity of the boat so as to create a savor with soul, depth and solid roots. His look remains strongly affected by the Mystic Theology of Eastern Church and the Fathers while the essence of existence sums up in the phrase “A moment of pleasure is a moment of connection with the love for life”. He operates according to three principal rules: respect to the material, high requirements and effort to keep up with them, cooperation with producers who are connected to what they do and they have remained loyal to what they know best.

34, Anastasiou Zinni and 27 Androutsou Str., Koukaki