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Alexander the Great

Since 2000, a sui generis Greek restaurant in the unconventional neighborhood of Metaxourgheio offers hearty portions of tradition in its most genuine and delicious version, as well as unique gastronomic experiences à la grecque. The philosophy of Alexander the Great restaurant focuses on the creation of unforgettable flavorsome memories through a larger-than-life menu of time honored recipes that includes every imaginable selection: appetizers, salads, soups, rotisserie/grill meats, casserole and pasta dishes, and seafood. Moussaka, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed vine leaves (dolma), zucchini balls, octopus stew and many more delicious recipes, made with the finest ingredients, become the ambassadors of the inexhaustible Greek gastronomy and a second-to-none culinary culture! Opening hours: Daily 12:00-00:30

3-5, Meg. Alexandrou Str., Karaiskaki Square, Metaxourgheio