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A tropical breath now adorns the Brazilian square in Ilisia, upgrading the gastronomic scene not only of the area, but of the whole Athens. Iguazu, as its name suggests (after the waterfalls of the same name between Brazil and Argentina), brings an exotic temperament to Ilisia, with its unique ethnic aesthetic. Operating all day, you’ ll be greeted in the morning with an empowering coffee and brunch and in the evening with its signature cocktails, such as the Sangrio and Not just a paloma. Acclaimed chef Ioannis Parikos has unleashed his imagination and talent, creating incomparable delicacies, with original dishes for all hours of the day. The menu includes options such as the hearty Burger pollo crujiente (with chicken fillet, pickle cabbage - carrot, sweet chili and yucca), unique & colorful salads such as De pato (with yakisoba noodles, crispy duck, sesame, fresh onion and black garlic flakes), sushi rolls, acai bowls, sashimi and temaki. Evenings in Iguazu get even more tropical, with Latin house beats and lots of dancing, while every Wednesday and Thursday the most epic parties are held, transforming the place into a Latin American club.

16, Laodikias Str., and 1 Nympheou Str., Athens