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Municipal Gallery of Athens

The Art Gallery of the Municipality of Athens, situated in Metaxourgeio, occupies the first building in Avdis Square and has been functioning as a gallery since 2010. Originally an old neoclassical structure designed by Christian Hansen, a Danish architect, it functioned as a Silk factory until 1875 and was owned by the Douroutis family before being bequeathed to the Municipality of Athens. This gallery showcases the works of the most prominent Greek artists from the 20th century and houses a diverse collection of over 3,000 paintings, sculptures, and engravings, all significant contributions from renowned Greek masters of art. Building A, located in Avdis Square, hosts periodic exhibitions featuring works by contemporary artists, providing a source of special artistic interest for visitors of all ages.

Leonidou & Myllerou Str., Metaxourgeio