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Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments

Project life of the musicologist Phoebus Anogeianakis (1915-2003), the collection includes 1200 musical instruments from the 18th century up to nowadays, of which about 600 are exhibited, while others are available to researchers. The museum is housed in an old mansion in Plaka, next to the Roman agora, built in 1842 by captain George Lassanis. The exhibition covers three floors and includes four sections, as the musical instruments families distinguished by the national musicology, based on the material which vibrates to give the sound: a) percussion b) aerophones, c) and d chord) idiophone. The presentation is made by instrumentalist formulas in crystal displays, with special bases made of plexiglass and bilingual (Greek - English) explanations. In each showcase a special acoustic system with musical examples showing the sound, the music area, the playing techniques and combinations of musical instruments set forth therein. At the same time, an attempt is made to place the instruments in place and time and connect with manufacturers and musicians who use them, through audiovisual material that refers to customs and rituals dominated the traditional triptych: reason-music-dance. Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Sat-Sun 10: 00-14: 00, Wednesday 12: 00-18: 00, Mon closed. Free admission.

1-3, Diogenous Str., Plaka