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Attica Zoological Park

One of the most charming zoological parks in Europe, where more than 290 species of animals from all over the world, such as lions, Asian elephants, flamingos, apes, bears, penguins, lemurs, parrots etc., live in an area of over 20 hectares. Visitors will have the chance not only to see the animals but also to learn very interesting facts about their life habits and the biggest threats to wildlife. The zoo is one of the most exciting places in Athens, combining education with fun, as well as an ideal location to have a picnic or relax at the ZooCafe, while enjoying the mesmerizing view of the African Savanna, with giraffes and other beautiful creatures. A 20-minute drive from the center of Athens and only a 10-minute drive from the airport, the Attica Zoological Park is one of the most popular attractions in the city that has much to offer to all types of visitors. Open daily from 09:00 until sunset. Tickets: Adults: € 21 Children 3-12 years: € 16 Children under 3 years: free

Gialou Area, Spata