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Piraeus - Mikrolimano

Embark on a unique excursion to Piraeus, which emerged as an international hub for shipbuilding and shipping in recent years. Accessible by various means of transport, Korai Square stands at the heart of Piraeus, bordered by the meticulously restored neoclassical Municipal Theater. This bustling square, surrounded by shops, cafes, and restaurants, embodies a cosmopolitan flair and serves as a modern hub, conveniently located near ship departure gates. The Piraeus Peninsula boasts the Zeas port (Pasalimani), featuring Marina Zeas along its eastern coast. Marina Zeas and its adjacent shops contribute to the vibrant maritime scene. Continuing along the "Akti Themistokleous" road, one encounters Freattyda Beach and the Maritime Museum of Greece before reaching Pasalimani. Votsalakia Beach, nestled between Mikrolimano and the port of Zea, offers a serene coastal escape. Mikrolimano, an enchanting area close to the city center, provides a tranquil setting ideal for strolls, attracting visitors of all ages. The Kastela hill, adorned with Piraeus mansions, gracefully concludes at Mikrolimano via the Koumoundourou Coast. As evening falls, Akti Dilaveri, or Mikrolimano, comes to life, drawing a diverse crowd. The Port of Munich, offering an array of options, includes the Delfinario Theater for captivating performances. With its amphitheater-style houses on the hill and boats resting in the harbor, Mikrolimano paints a picturesque scene reminiscent of a theatrical setting by Tsarouchis, a beloved Piraeus painter.


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