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National Garden - Zappeion

The National Garden in central Athens was commissioned by Amalia, the first Queen of modern Greece. Upon entering the National Garden, visitors are transported to a serene haven, once known as the Royal Garden during the 1927 Republic. The lush landscape features picturesque ponds inhabited by ducks, geese, and water turtles, offering a delightful encounter with a rare Cretan goat for photo opportunities. The garden also houses various animals and free-roaming green parakeets. Adjacent to the Zappeio Megaro, a neoclassical masterpiece with a Corinthian-style propylon, a café, and a playground provide an ideal setting to unwind amid the garden's refreshing ambiance. Established in 1874 by Konstantinos Zappa and completed in 1888 by architect Theofilos Hansen, the Zappeio Megaro, initially the site of the first Olympic Village, now serves as a contemporary conference center and hosts diverse events. The charming Zappeios gardens, connected by cobbled streets, seamlessly extend the allure of the National Garden. Admission is free, welcoming visitors from sunrise to sunset.

1, Vasilissis Olgas Avenue, Athens