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Commencing at the 12th-century Byzantine church of Agioi Asomatoi outside Thisio station, your journey towards Monastiraki can initiate from either Ermou Street or Andrianou Street. Monastiraki Square features the typical Byzantine church of Panagia Pantanassa (Queen of All), dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It's the sole remnant of the once-grand Monastery that existed here five centuries ago. Its gradual size reduction led to the area being known as Mikro Monastiri (Monastiraki). Additions to the church were made in 1911. In the square, you'll also find the Tzisdaraki mosque, constructed in 1759 and now serving as an annex of the Museum of Folk Art, housing a collection primarily of ceramics. Monastiraki presents a different aspect of Athens, where locals of all ages mingle with a diverse array of tourists from around the world in the surrounding streets. Outside the train station, you'll find restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops. The station, constructed in 1895 on the ancient bed of the Iridanos River, houses a small exhibition of ancient artifacts, including tombs, water and sewage systems, and more. Street artists and vendors add an alternative cultural vibe to the square. Descending Hephaistou Street from the square leads to a lively yet quaint street that's a favorite spot for unique clothing, sandals, jewelry, and even record stores. As you arrive at Abyssinia Square, you'll step into a mid-20th-century atmosphere, surrounded by a bazaar of vintage items.


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