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Kolonaki stands as Athens' aristocratic enclave, earning its name from a Roman column that once graced Filiki Etairias Square. Historically close to the Palace, this district has long attracted affluent residents, now manifesting a metropolitan allure in its streets and upscale establishments. Kolonaki hosts a plethora of companies, offices, and stylish boutiques featuring luxury brands. Renowned doctors, businesses, intellectuals, and art enthusiasts favor Kolonaki, drawn to its sophistication. The area's vibrant nightlife radiates from the central square, with Skoufa Street and Haritos housing upscale European bars amid art galleries and designer boutiques. Illuminated and opulent at night, Kolonaki boasts art museums and Dexamenis Square at Lycabettus' base, a popular Athenian meeting spot. The district harmoniously blends mansion houses, modern state embassies, and contemporary apartment buildings, epitomizing Athens' most refined and elegant neighborhood.


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