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As one travels down Ermou Street from the Thisio station, tall factory chimneys come into view on the pedestrian path leading to the Kerameikos archaeological site. During the evening, these chimneys are thoughtfully illuminated, sparking curiosity. This area is Gazi, a small district in Athens that developed around Gazochori. Gazochori was the site of a gas plant built in 1857 to provide lighting for public streets. Although it closed for good in 1984, the scent of gas lingered in the area for years. Today, Gazochori is known as the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens. It offers open-access spaces when no special events, exhibitions, or concerts are taking place. Visitors can find cafes, modern playgrounds, a shop, and even the opportunity to tour the old factory facilities, which include a small Light Gas Museum. The neighborhood exudes an industrialized charm, with modern structures coexisting alongside quaint old houses. Graffiti art graces the streets around the Gazi metro station (Stasi Kerameikos), creating a captivating visual arts scene. Gazi transforms into a modern art park, offering peaceful mornings and lively evening entertainment, especially in the vibrant nightclub district along the holy road, extending into the Kerameikos and Gazi vicinity.


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