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Delicious Athens

Taste the most local food in Athens. Skip the tourist traps and discover the local bites of the Greek culture. More than 14 traditional, delicious, freshly cooked tastings. We will be walking in the heart of central Athens, where Athenians do their shopping for the daily meal. We will introduce you to the vendors of our favorite local shops, share traditional breakfast delicacies, smell and learn about herbs and spices, visit a deli shop to taste the original honey glazed yoghurt and take you to the magical word of olives. Also, one of the best Greek traditional restaurants (mageirio) will be accommodating you for a seated lunch, cheese tasting and of course, you’ll try a dessert. During the walk, you’ll meet our old friends in the oldest vegetable, fish and meat market of Athens and you’ll also try our best wines and distillates of the region. Get the chance to know how to cook all the dishes you will try, and get local insight into recipes, tips for Athens, the islands and the culinary traditions. Join us in a “Mediterranean Diet” food tour and discover the secrets of our culinary tradition. In case your preferred dates are not available, you can always ask us to make some room and we will be happy to host you. All dietary restrictions can be met. Looking forward to meeting and hosting you at our Delicious Athens. Julia & Douk

37, Athinas Str., Athens